About E-value India

Knowing the true value of something is more important than ever, and can be more difficult to discern — especially in today’s highly scrutinized regulatory environment. But that’s our specialty at E value India.

E value India appraisers evaluate commercial Asset based on objective criteria, in-depth knowledge of local property markets and time-tested judgment. We identify and analyze the variables that affect value, often seeing what others don’t see based on our expertise and independence.

In our industry, some service providers (including many brokerage firms) have an angle. They want clients to buy or sell, or borrow or lend, because their companies get paid for facilitating transactions.

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“Evalueindia (Mr. Satin Sachdeva) Valuers has the expertise in valuations in industry for more then two decade, So they know the Substantial market well.”

Jasveer Singh
Branch Manager - CV, Equitas Small Finance Bank

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